How to Add a Clickable Image to Chaturbate Profile

Chaturbate is known for customizing profiles with beautiful graphics. This helps models stand out and convey important information through a more attractive design than boring text.

Most people don’t realize that clickable links can be embedded in graphics to direct users to any website they want.

This is an extremely powerful tool, which offers amazing advantages to those who are able to use it correctly. Here’s a quick guide that will help you get into these ranks.


Chaturbate: Add a clickable image

Chaturbate’s compatibility to HTML code makes it possible to add a clickable image on your Chaturbate site. Some sections of the About Me section allow users to insert HTML codes rather than plain text.

The system then interprets the code and displays it on your profile as your designs.

Here’s how to add clickable images on your Chaturbate profile.


  • Step 1: Image Design

First, you need to get the image you want to use. You can use a stock image, or create a custom design. Many models prefer unique designs. You can either make the design yourself, hire someone to do it, or use a pre-made template.

Designurbate is my personal recommendation if you want the best. They have a wide range of high-quality, unique designs.


  • Step 2: Upload and generate URL

Next, upload your image/design to an image hosting site. This is how you get a URL that will be used in your final HTML code. We can’t have functional code without an image URL.

You might also consider imgb and imgur as image hosting options. After you are done uploading, click “copy URL” and go on to the next step.


  • Step 3: HTML Formatting

After you have created your design URL, you can insert it as part of your HTML code. The URL will then be pasted in the “About Me” field of your Chaturbate Bio.

This HTML code is:

Replace the DESTINATION URL in the code with the URL you wish to direct people to. Then replace the IMAGE URL by the link to the image you have copied after uploading.


  • Step 4: The Final Step

Copy the entire html code from above and paste it into the About Me section of your chaturbate edit bio page. After you are satisfied with your final setup, refresh the page to see your changes.

Chaturbate also allows you to add clickable images. You can create as many codes as you like for as many design ideas. Simply break them up into sections with clickable links. Then, you can copy and paste the code as you wish.