How to Add a DMCA Protection Logo on my Chaturbate Profile

You’ve probably noticed that many models on Chaturbate have a DMCA logo embedded in their profiles.

They don’t do it just for the beauty, but also because they know it serves a purpose. This is to protect your content, which you have worked so hard to create, from pirates who will just wait to steal it and make profit from it.

If you like the look of this logo and want to make one, continue reading. By the end you will have all you need to embed it on your site.


Why you need a DMCA protection logo

It is possible for your content to be stolen even if you have a Chaturbate Chaturbate profile with a DMCA logo. This is technically correct but it does not mean you should ignore DMCA protection for your page.

Although it may not provide you with absolute protection, the DMCA logo will give you a layer of protection against copyright infringement. It deters casual viewers from using your content, and informs the thieves that they can take legal action against you for stealing it.


Adding a DMCA logo to your profile

Here are the steps to add a DMCA protection symbol to your Chaturbate profile.

  • Choose a DMCA logo

First, choose the logo that you would like to embed on your profile. There are many options.

Your logos may be purchased from the website. This may be a cost-effective option, but it depends on what options you have. Chaturbate customization sites like offer free templates, including DMCA logos. This is a completely free option.

These logos can be edited and customized to your liking before being exported.


  • Hosting and link embedding

You will need a URL to link to your design no matter where it is located. This URL will be used to embed the design on your profile. This URL can be generated by uploading your design to any image hosting site on the internet.

Some of the most popular options are or You may be able to copy the HTML code directly depending on the hosting platform. You won’t have to create the code yourself.


  • Update Profile

Once you have your code, you are well on your way towards a DMCA protection symbol on your profile. Simply edit your bio, and then paste the code in the appropriate field.

After you’re done, click on update and fresh. That’s it.