How to Add Links to Your Chaturbate Profile

It is possible to add external links to your Chaturbate profile. It isn’t as easy as clicking on a button and copying your link. Your profile will automatically display the link.

Before you can add links on your Chaturbate profile you need to first identify the correct section and field. Next, create the appropriate file to embed the link in. Finally, edit your bio and paste the code.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Below is a breakdown of each step.

Add links to your Chaturbate profile

You can add links to your Chaturbate account by taking advantage of the HTML compatibility in the About Me section of your bio section. You can embed as many links here as you like.

You can make your links more attractive to click by embedding them into beautiful banner designs.


Designing the design

In general, you will need to add banner links to your profile in two steps: creating the design and embedding it on your page. has ready-made templates that can be customized to help you create the design.

If you are skilled and have enough time you can make your own banners using the appropriate software. If you don’t mind spending money on banner design, you can hire a freelancer.


Uploading and Embedding

Once you have created a design, you can upload it to a hosting website, click the HTML link or direct URL generated for you and then paste this information in the About Me section.

If you need multiple links, you’ll need to create multiple banners and then embed your links in each banner one by one.

Copy all codes from the previous step and then paste them in the appropriate area.


Benefits of adding links to your profile

  • Aesthetics – Adding links to your profile can offer a few aesthetic and practical benefits. Users find pages with customized designs more appealing and compelling for the latter.

You can add banner links to your profile and kill two birds with one stone.

  • Control – Links can enhance your profile and give you more control over your traffic. You can give your fans the freedom to monetize their fan traffic by having links to pages other than Chaturbate.


  • Promotion – Models in the same niche can promote each other using profile banner links. You can also take advantage of this very effective promotion strategy by following the steps above.

Ask for a banner link exchange with a model and embed their profile link onto your page. Then ask your fans for feedback while they do the same. Win-win.