How to Add Social Media Buttons on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is an amazing webcam platform. It has its own traffic, and can help new users find your page as a model or broadcaster. As it stands, you cannot do anything with the Chaturbate fans that you have gained. Unless you are able to redirect them to your social media pages.

Models often add their social media buttons links to their profiles so that others can click on them and follow them there. They have greater control over how and when they use their traffic.


Chaturbate: Add Social Buttons

There are two options for adding social media buttons to your Chaturbate account. First, copy a code and then insert your social media profile link into the appropriate section of the code.

The code looks generally like this:

Your social media link will be replaced by “social link”, while your logo for social media would remain the same.

These codes with logos already hosted can be found everywhere on the Internet, especially on sites such as which specialize in Chaturbate customizations.

If you need something more flexible with your logo, you will need to create your logo and host it yourself.

Here are the steps:


  • Step 1: Logo Variation

First, choose the logo you want to use. Each social media platform has a unique logo. However, there are many variations and you might prefer one to another.

You can even create a logo yourself if you’re creative. There are many sites, such as, that provide lots of options for creating beautiful social media logos.

You can choose a variant of your choice and then you can move on to the next stage.


  • Step 2: Hosting

Next, you will need to place your logo on an image hosting site. This is where you will need to create a URL for your image. Some websites, such as Designurbate, offer ready-made links for images that you can insert directly. This is only if the image is not already there.

If you want to make any customizations, you’ll need to host the design and obtain a unique URL. This new design is what you will need to insert.


  • Step 3: Insertion

This is where you add your image link and social media links to the HTML code. This is the exact same code and step as for the rigid logo. However, you will also be inserting your new logo link.

Once you have your code, you can go to your bio page and click Edit Bio. After that, you can paste the link in your “About Me” field.