How to Enable and Configure your Chaturbate Fanclub

Your earnings on Chaturbate can be greatly impacted by enabling your Chaturbate Fanclub. This feature is a great option for models who want to generate additional revenue beyond their regular broadcasts.

It can be a bit difficult to use the Fanclub feature if you have never done so before. You don’t need to give up yet. After reading this article, you will have all the information you need about Chaturbate Fanclubs, how to set them up and how to make them successful.


What is Chaturbate Fanclub?

Chaturbate Fanclub allows members special privileges on a model’s page for a fixed monthly cost. Members of a model’s Fanclub might be able to access their pages more easily, have private messaging privileges and even enjoy special shows.

This is a great source of additional revenue for the model owners.


Set up your Chaturbate Fanclub

All you need to do to create a Chaturbate Fanclub is to visit your profile and activate the feature. This is, however, the most difficult part. You must be willing and able to follow the required tactics in order to reap the benefits of running a Fanclub.

You don’t need to be worried, this is something you can handle. One of the best things about running a Fanclub, is that you can make steady profits without doing much.


Tips to run a successful chaturbate fanclub

Smart work is more important than hard work to run a Chaturbate Fanclub that succeeds. Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of success.


1. You must offer something valuable to your fans to make your Fanclub a success

While you may still receive some subscribers who are willing to pay for a color change, it is not enough to get your fanpage going. You must also offer valuable perks.

This could include arranging special events for your members, or simply giving them more attention. You have the freedom to choose.


2. Chaturbate fans are looking for a connection to models

They don’t need to be something deep or close to it, they just want models who notice them and to know they exist.

This is it.

You can still be a model but there is too many people to notice you. However, your Fanclub opportunity allows you to distinguish the exceptional from the rest.

When other users see it, they are jealous and want their own Fanclub.


3. Learning from others

Finally, if you want to run a successful Fanclub, you need to be open to learning from other members and how they do it. You can ensure that your followers get the most value possible.