How to Make a Tip Menu on a Chaturbate Profile

A tip menu is one of the most important things in Chaturbate. Tip menus are the map that guides eager viewers and fans to find valuable resources and treasures in Chaturbate, a beautiful country full of wonderful people and incredible places.

Tip menus are used by models to summarise their token requirements clearly and concisely for specific actions and milestones. This makes broadcasts more efficient, maximizes broadcasters’ revenue, and ensures that the audience enjoys seamless shows.

Everyone wins.

How do you create a tip menu to your Chaturbate profile in order to reap all these benefits? This is everything you need to know.


How to outline your tip menu

Beautiful graphics and design elements are better than simple text when creating a tip menu. However, it doesn’t matter what you do, you need to understand the purpose of your menu before you can make any changes.

The first step in creating a tip menu is to outline the details. This is where you compare other models profiles with your own activities and create pricing for each act.


Designing a Tip Menu

Next, you will need to design your tip menu. You can either hire a professional or do it yourself, depending on your budget and design skills.

These options may sound too expensive or stressful, so you can consider third-party templates of high quality.

These templates are extremely well-designed and optimized for high conversions. These templates can be found on, among others.

These websites make it much easier to upload and export data.


Upload your design

After your tip menu is created and converted into a beautiful design you can upload it to your Chaturbate account. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

To get a URL for your design, you first need to upload it. The URL should then be embedded in the appropriate HTML code. This code can be used to upload any image via HTML. Simply insert the image link in the appropriate section.

You can also get your designs from websites like designurbate. This means that you already know the steps and HTML formatting. All you have to do now is to copy your code and go to your Chaturbate account.

You are nearly done creating your tip menu once you have the final code. You will now only need to edit your bio and paste your HTML code in the About Me section. This field supports HTML embedding.

After this, refresh the page to see your new tip-menu design.

This is it. Customizing Chaturbate’s tip menu is easy. You can complete the task in no time if you follow the steps above.