How to Use Twitter to Increase your Chaturbate Following

It is not new to use Twitter to increase Chaturbate followers. This strategy has been proven to be effective but it does have its flaws.

One, managing your Twitter account can take time and effort that you could be using to run your Chaturbate profile. There is a solution.

Automating your Twitter Activities

Automating your Twitter activities on Chaturbate takes out the need to manage multiple platforms on your own. Automating in moderation is the only problem.

People tend to do too much and get their accounts suspended or reduced.

It’s best to only automate what is absolutely necessary. There are many programs that can do the job, but my favorite is Streamtout.



Streamtout is a Twitter automation tool that was specifically designed for Chaturbate models. It automates only the most important steps of managing a Twitter or Chaturbate account.

Streamtout automatically tweets a tweet to all your Twitter followers whenever you broadcast/go live on Chaturbate.

This eliminates the need to log in to Twitter to send out a notification tweet. Streamtout uses a few optimizations to ensure you reach as many people as possible on this extra platform.


Hashtags + Tweet Optimization

Many people use Twitter automation to automate their lives. They set up programs that randomly follow Twitter accounts, send spam messages and other similar activities. These are all risky and could get you banned.

People do this to gain new followers. But, the truth is, you don’t necessarily need them. You only need a key tweet with the right hashtags, sent at the right moment.

Streamtout is exactly that.


Streamtout has many benefits

An automation tool that redirects users from Twitter to chaturbate is an excellent way to increase your audience size without being banned is also a big advantage.

It is safe to use because it has been approved by Twitter. The program does not have access beyond what you give it permission to.

Streamtout is also easy to set up and use. Register an account, link your Twitter, Chaturbate, configure your tweets, or choose from the system-generated, optimized template templates.

Streamtout is free to use at the time of writing. It doesn’t appear that it will change soon. You also have the added benefit of saving time and concentration.