Things You Should Do Before Creating Your Custom Chaturbate Profile

This may sound a little unbelievable, but the things you do before creating your customized Chaturbate profile usually determine just how great your profile looks when it’s customized. In fact, it’s safe to say that the pre-customization stage is almost as important as the customization itself.

Once you have everything figured out and strategized before customization, you can go about your business a lot more smoothly and more easily.

This is why I’ve outlined below the key things you should know and do before you start to customize and run your Chaturbate profile.


Prepare Your Bio Details

The first thing involved in creating a custom profile is packaging your bio content in a neat design. This is why it pays greatly to have these details ready beforehand. Some of the details you can’t do without include:


  • About Me – This tells your followers interesting details about you. Ideally your About Me should be flirty and direct, compelling enough to get them to develop an interest and an urge to see more.
  • Cam Activities – Your cam activities should also be included in your profile customization. These are the kind of actions you plan to carry out during your broadcasts.


  • Tip Menu – A tip menu is the heart and soul of Chaturbate broadcasting. It clearly specifies the number of tokens you require for certain actions, thereby making the broadcast run smoothly and maximizing your earnings efficiently.


  • FAQ – Get a few frequently asked questions, perhaps from studying other model pages or thoughts you think might keep reoccurring, and provide short, concise answers. This will save you a lot of repetition in the future.


Social Media

Your social media links are another key aspect of customizing your profile. Every great profile has them, seeing as they serve the key function of helping you grow your pages and have more control over your fans.


DMCA & Legal Disclaimer

Models choose to customize their profiles with a DMCA logo and legal disclaimer not just because they make the profiles beautiful, but because they serve key functions of deterring content theft, copyright infringement, and unacceptable practices.



Images are another key aspect of customizing a profile, and you should have yours ready in the early stages even before you begin actual customization. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to take some beautiful pictures of yourself just for this purpose. I promise it pays off in the end.


In Conclusion

Lastly, take a few moments to check out what others are doing and make plans for it. As it is in pretty much any other major area of being a successful model on Chaturbate, you have to do this not only to see what you’ve been missing that can be added to your routine, but also to learn from their mistakes and identify what not to do. 

Either way, you have a better chance of running a successful profile when you’re willing to learn from those who have started before you.