What is the Best Way to Use Chaturbate Hashtags?

Chaturbate hashtags are a secret weapon for many models. They can increase their audience and revenue volume through broadcasts. This is especially interesting considering that Chaturbate hashtags should not be considered a secret.

Too many models don’t know how to use them properly or ignore them. Here are the steps to maximize your use of hashtags in Chaturbate to achieve unprecedented results.

What are Chaturbate Hashtags and how do they work?


Chaturbate hashtags function in the same way as any other hashtags on social media platforms. To make your offer visible to people searching for it, you can include them in your broadcast.

These labels are a way to tag your broadcasts with the appropriate labels. These labels tell the system about your content so it can redirect more people to your page.

This will make your page less visible and your show won’t reach as many people.

Hashtags can be especially useful for new models that are just starting on the platform.


Chaturbate: Types of Hashtags

I usually divide Hashtags from Chaturbate into four distinct categories: activity tags; physical description tags; toys/games tags and location/ethnicity tag.

Activity tags indicate what you intend to do in your rooms, such as #squirt#anal #lesbian. Physical description tags describe your appearance, for example #skinny #blonde #bigboobs etc.

Chaturbate is all about toys. The type of toys you choose can affect your audience size. #lush#lovense #ohmibod are some of the toys hashtags. You can also play #rollthedice and #crazyticket.

Finally, you can use location/ethnicity tags to describe your origins such as #latina #ebony #asian, etc.


The Best Hashtags

The best hashtags are often chosen by trial and error. You will test various hashtag combinations until you find the one that produces the best results.

You could choose to use one of the above categories for the first trial and then switch to the second category with one hashtag.


Inserting Your Hashtags

All you need to do is create your broadcast and insert your hashtags. You’ll then see a “show me” option. Click this and then click the room name. The box will open asking you to enter the labels.

Your preferred hashtags should be added one by one, beginning with a # symbol and ending with the hashtag description.

Click “Submit” at the end to add your new hashtag set.


Chaturbate Hashtag Guidelines

There are some rules that you need to follow before you can find the best hashtag combinations. The first is that you cannot use the wrong hashtags. If you are white and use the #asian hashtag, you could be reported and face the consequences.

Chaturbate prohibits you from using more than five hashtags simultaneously.

With this information, you are well on your way for all the benefits of proper Chaturbate hashtag optimization.